A Career at Best of Seven Barbers

Forget everything you thought you knew about working in a barber shop!

At Best of Seven we have re-invented the quality of barbering services and brought the experience of working in a barber shop to a new level.

Here are a few features for you to consider:

Sliding commission scale – the better you do, the more you make!

Six-figure income potential

Training and development – to ensure your craft evolves to its highest level.

A company with heart – charity and community involvement is core to us

Clean, professional environment – no drama here!

Barber assistants! – reception staff to assist with check-ins, payments, shampoos and scalp massages.

Executive clientele – enjoy the best group of clients in town.

We’re growing – new locations (including a cool mobile one) in the pipeline.

Finally, we also invest heavily in the promotion of our business to multiply your own client development efforts.


If you’d like a tour of one of our locations – please reach out. We’d love to talk.