Trailer Project


The Idea

Well here is the start of it all. This trailer, sourced in Ottawa was driven to Calgary by John and Krista (Krista is our Office Manager and John from JK Developments who will be doing the build). It’s going to be converted over the coming weeks into an amazing cool mobile barber shop! It will have the same look and feel as the Best of Seven shop but will be completely portable! Stay tuned for updates as we build this out for a Late Spring 2017 launch.


Oh my, what did we do?

Ok, so here’s the downside of buying something sight-unseen… WOW is this ever ugly! I guess I should apologize to the previous owners if you’re reading this but, wow. I lived through the 70’s but I never remembered it like this!



Ok John, off you go! We saved what little we could to be repurposed but most was just not salvageable. Oh yeah… mice. Lots of mice.


Demo Part 2!

Still a real test of one’s spirit and imagination. On the bright side, it is really big inside. We think we can do three stations instead of the two we planned…


Demo Complete

With everything out you can see the brilliant way these old trailers go together. All the bones are good and with steam cleaning and hospital-grade disinfecting, the mouse smell will be a thing of the past. Now things are finally start going together!


More Cutting

We want to capitalize on the outdoor location of the trailer to open it up on sunny days. We’re also going to use it for some charity work, so we want to have it wheelchair accessible. The solution: a hydraulic clam door!


Plumbing and Wiring

Ok, so we’re now starting to put this thing back together. The in-floor tanks were installed and the floor insulated. Lots of reinforcement was added to keep it rigid. Water in a barber shop is always the trick so we’re already scheming how to keep our shampoo/condition/scalp massage model without going through too much water.



Recognizing we live in Canada, insulation is a pretty important addition. We sealed up everything and then insulated the floor with fiberglass batting. Then, on goes the subfloor! That’s our Office Manager Krista proving she’s about more than just the numbers. ☺


Part 2

So with our behind-the-wall cable and plumbing runs in place, we can spray foam the whole interior. We always have in mind that we want to keep the mobile experience as close to the shop experience as possible, so climate control is key.


Utility Room

We needed a place to put all the ugly stuff – water heater, stereo, pumps. We also needed a transfer point for clean and dirty towels (at full steam even this mobile shop will go through 500 towels a week). So, we’re building a utility room at one end of the trailer.


Utility Room and Waiting Area

The other end of the trailer needs some attention too. The front end will serve as a waiting area for patrons (unless we’re parked at Brewsters of course, why wouldn’t you rather have a beer while you wait!). It’s getting framed out now and the rear utility room is also coming together.


A Jump Outside

While all the inside work is going on, we’re taking the opportunity to polish the outside. These trailers come with a nasty coating that has to first be stripped off, followed by pass after pass with the polisher. When its all done, the final result will be smashing!



Now it’s getting interesting! As the wood backing starts to go in, we’re finally getting a taste of what this will look like.


More Wood

All this will be covered and finished, but it’s getting to finally look a little inviting!


A Change of Venue

Now it’s time for some custom cabinetry (it has to be custom because there isn’t one straight line in this trailer:) so we’re off to Arpad’s shop at A&C.


Cabinets and Finishing

Looking great! Stations are installed and we’ve wrapped the inside with cedar.

Doors and Staining

They totally nailed the stain. We wanted warm and inviting and they delivered in spades. It’s getting close now!