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LAURA: Barber

For your consideration, we’re proud to introduce Laura!

Q. What do you like to do when you’re not barbering?
A. Leave the city at any chance possible. Travelling always calls my name although I can’t go many days without wanting to cut hair!

Q. What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
A. Solo sailing since the age of 6

Q. What’s your style?
A. Low maintenance just the classic men’s cut.

Q. What’s the method to your madness (work)?
A. Above and beyond. I wont let my clients leave the chair until every hair is perfect.

Q. Do you have a favourite style?
A. 1930’s Businessmans cut.

Q. How do you bring fresh ideas about?
A. I am always asking opinions on style from not only co-workers but my clients as well. I find I can create new ideas just by listening to what the client is asking.*

Q. Who’s your celebrity hair crush?
A. Clark Gable

Q. Where’s hometown for you?
A. Acton , Ontario

Q. What’s your hair story?
A. I was convinced to go the classic road of attending university and never seemed to find my passion. Hair was always in the back of my mind and when I discovered the Barbering side I fell instantly in love. This is what I was made to do and will be cutting hair until my fingers fall off.

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